The Jade Forest Chronicles – Box Set

The Jade Forest Chronicles – Box Set

By Vivienne Neas
Jade Forest - Box set

Language: English

Discounted Box Set

A world within a world – a world within our world.
In Shifters, the first book of The Jade Forest Chronicles, trouble is brewing within ‘In Caelum’ between the preternatural creatures who live in the secret reservation within the world of humans. Amber Vale is a young and beautiful fae, and with her sharp wits and keen intelligence she is chosen to be the arbitrator over a land dispute – a cemetery imbued with enormous magical power. Little does she know that this won’t just be another job, or that another power will come into play here: the power of attraction.

When she meets the strong, handsome and masculine werewolf Balfour, he is just as unprepared as she is for the intense desire and raw emotion that blossoms immediately between them. As the turmoil unfolds and grows, with witches and werewolves battling for supremacy in a conflict that looks like could become an all-out war, Balfour and Amber find themselves torn between their loyalties – Balfour to his pack, of which he will become the alpha, and Amber to the laws of the fae – and their love for one another.

In this exciting, passion-filled paranormal romance, unexpected twists, betrayals, lies, passion and steaming hot romance will keep you turning pages from the first to the last, and you’re guaranteed to develop an insatiable hunger for every book in The Jade Forest Chronicles series.

Fern is a twenty-one-year-old earth fae with a longing for adventure and a rebellious fire burning in her veins. Inspired by her friend Amber, who broke the rules of the fae society to be with a werewolf, Fern also longs to explore a relationship outside of her own people.

Sometimes, though, getting what you wish for can turn out to be the worst possible thing, and Fern finds this out in a bad way. After a series of disappearances in the human town of Milford, in which the involvement of preternatural creatures is suspected, Fern goes to investigate the mystery herself. Her close male friend Mercury is everything a best friend could be: supportive, kind, caring and gentle – but he’s also madly in love with Fern, in secret, of course.

When Fern is bewitched and kidnapped by the vampire Liam, he places her under a powerful spell that has her falling for him and losing her grip on reality. The only one who can rescue her from Liam’s clutches is the hapless Mercury – but does he have the power to combat the potent magic of the vampires? Is his love for Fern strong enough to defeat the most powerful opponents he has ever faced?

Miath is a male water fae, he’s a bit tired of fae society and wants to change his life and himself – but lacks the means and courage to do so. That is, until his good friend Mercury is placed under house arrest as a suspect in the murder of a vampire. The only thing that can save Mercury is a mysterious relic known as the Shadow Stone – and Miath thinks he knows where to find it.

On his way to the human town of Milford, he meets a stunningly beautiful girl called Raven. She presents herself to him as a fae from a distant settlement, but he can’t help but wonder if she’s something more of what she says.
Raven, it turns out, is also seeking the Shadow Stone, but for an entirely different reason to Miath’s. They discover too, that something else binds them besides a shared interest in the lost relic – a powerful, raw attraction that has both of them hungering for one another.

A storm is coming to In Caelum, and a lot of things could get turned upside down in a really bad way – and Kira, a beautiful young fae, is at the center of it. When her mother Asha, the former governor of the fae reserve, disappeared ten years ago, Kira’s heart was torn to pieces. She never expected to see her again yet now, over a decade after her disappearance, she has showed up again.

Kira not only has to deal with the shock of having her mother back in her life, she also has to see if she can find it in her heart to forgive the woman who abandoned her. But, as it turns out, Kira isn’t the only thing Asha came back for – she wants her position back, and she’ll do anything to get it, including making deals with vampires. And what’s more, Asha’s arrival seems to cause chaos in all areas of Kira’s life; now she doesn’t even know if she can trust her human boyfriend Dane as he too becomes embroiled in the madness, and her love for him is put to the ultimate test.

A new order is established among the preternatural communities as the alpha werewolf Balfour is elected new governor, but peace is yet to come.
Amber misses her passionate moments with Balfour as he keeps getting busy as new ruler, but that is not the only problem – something new appears in the Forechester Keep, in the form of an attractive red-haired woman.

She is warmly received by Balfour, who is dangerously attracted by her great power and beauty, but Amber suspects something bigger lies behind and she will not just sit by.
Meanwhile, Balfour starts to develop an unprecedented aggressiveness inside the reserve, almost losing control of his own power. Amber is not afraid of this wild, animalistic force in the grip of which Balfour is caught, and is not ready to give up everything she’s fought for – not yet.
The young fae doesn’t know that the enemy is already inside and the war has yet to start: an all-out war between witches and werewolves which will endanger the life of her loved ones.

Raven is a beautiful witch – heir of the Tenebris magic and holder of the Shadow Stone. She lives in Hollow Grove among other powerful witches. She has the kind of power that could eventually turn her into a High Priestess. For now, though, Raven is a reckless and naïve witch. Being new to having real magic is exciting for her, and that is why she wants to try to create her own stone. She wants to make a legacy, like her ancestors before her.

Raven tries her magic to create an Idle Stone. Although it did not turn out to be idle – it actually did not turn out to be anything Raven was expecting at all. Rather, her stone is so powerful that it has gone out of her control. Thus, she plans to get rid of it by taking it to the Colony before it can create more trouble than good. Will Raven be successful in getting rid of the Idle Stone? Or will it cause bigger problems than she can handle?

In the Red Wolf book of The Jade Forest Chronicles, the story of Balfour and Amber continues. This time around though Balfour, as the alpha of his pack and leader for all the preternatural creatures, must consider having an heir that will carry on the leadership upon his death. Amber has no doubt that Balfour loves her and she loves him back just as much. For Balfour, he knows for sure that Amber’s love for him means that she would die for him if he asks her too.

This kind of surety in their love for each other though becomes compromised by the appearance of Samara. Samara with her fiery-red hair, icy cold eyes and the kind of power that brings back the familiarity of danger. But, who really is she? What was she to Balfour? Is she a threat to Amber? Too many questions and Amber wants answers.

Things are turning hostile between the preternatural leaders. Interspecies marriage goes against their natural order and all leaders, but Kira, are unhappy about Balfour being married to a Fae. When Asha is going to meet up with Kira, strangely she doesn’t show up. Asha runs to her house just to find out that she’s been kidnapped and in order to get her released the power hierarchy should change.

Asha is in charge. Trying to keep everyone calm while Kira is missing it’s a hard job. Especially if three members of the Rebels are missing: Amber and Balfour are away on honeymoon and Raven is nowhere to be seen. They can’t fight to get Kira back because now it’s against both, witches and vampires. They want the seat of power in exchange for Kira’s life, and they will do what they can to get what they want.


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