Logan Ryvenbark’s Saga

Logan Ryvenbark’s Saga

By Gray Lanter

The medical nanos jump into action, repairing blood vessels, rebuilding organs and creating new flesh to plug the bullet holes. You’re as good as new if the wound is not too serious. However, when half your body is blown away, there’s little even the nanos can do.

Deadly Enemy - book
Deadly Dream - Book
Deadly Squad - Book
Deadly Squad II - Book
Deadly Planet - Book
Deadly Void - Book
Deadly Voyage - book
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What readers are saying about this series:

“Over good. This is the type of Space opera I enjoy. Very entertaining and some interesting technology. I can highly recommend this book.”

“Very powerful writing. Good story, characters, and conclusion. I will most likely read the next in the series. Great writing.”

“Absolutely loved this book. It was fast paced and exciting.”

“A very good novel with an intriguing plot”

“If you enjoy action and science fiction you should definitely read this novel.”