Logan Ryvenbark’s – Box Set

Logan Ryvenbark’s – Box Set

By Gray Lanter
Logan Ryvenbark's saga box set

Language: English

Discounted Box Set

Major Logan Ryvenbark is no ordinary soldier of fortune. While he’s tough as nails, deadly with all number of weapons and highly skilled in a number of areas of combat, he’s also genetically engineered to be a super-soldier. When he and his men take on a contract from the powerful intergalactic CEO Belen Morganthal to scope out the planet Sandeling, a desolate and seemingly uninhabited wasteland of ice and snow, he knows that it isn’t going to be your average guns-for-hire gig – but what he doesn’t know is just how perilous the mission is actually going to be.

After discovering that the planet is not actually uninhabited, as previously thought, Major Ryvenbark and his mercenaries uncover even more shocking revelations as they continue to investigate the secrets of Sandeling; secrets involving invasions, betrayals, wars, massacres, genocide… and time travel.

In Deadly Enemy, you’ll be taken on a thrilling Sci-Fi journey in an exciting tale of mystery, suspense, action and technology that will make your head spin with awe. If you’re into captivating and enthralling tales of adventure that take place in galaxies and solar systems that are many light years away, Deadly Enemy will not disappoint you.

A warlike race is busy launching invasions and taking over planets, so when Major Logan Ryvenbark gets a call from interplanetary CEO Belen Morganthal, he assumes that he and his mercenaries are going to be needed for the unfolding war. However, he soon learns that that is not what Morganthal needs him for at all. Instead, Morganthal informs Ryvenbark that three planets in the Terlor system, including the home planet of the Oreganians, have been destroyed – and five billion lives have been lost.

Major Ryvenbark and his team discover a strange sphere, five hundred miles in diameter, drifting through the Terlor system, and Major Ryvenbark has a strong hunch that this mysterious sphere has more than just a little to do with the destruction of the three planets. What he isn’t sure of is whether he and his men will be able to get inside this thing – and, of course, what they will find if they do get inside it – in order to prevent the destruction of even more planets… but he knows that he has to risk everything to try.

In Deadly Dream, you’ll be taken on a journey that goes beyond the laws of time and space and bends the very fabric of reality. On this roller-coaster Sci-Fi ride through the wildest conjuring a talented Sci-Fi writer can come up with, you won’t be able to put the book down from the moment you start reading until you reach the final page.

On the planet Verdunne, an exploratory squad sent by intergalactic CEO Belen Morganthal is under assault from an unknown force. Logan Ryvenbark and his squad are sent to save the survivors and put a stop to the threat. But when they arrive, they are confronted by bizarre golden robots and alien warships that can morph their form. This isn’t just a standard attack from savage hostiles. This is the vanguard of an army preparing to destroy all humanity.

The Logan Ryvenbark saga continues with adrenaline-fueled battles against an alien artificial intelligence that plans on destroying all of humanity. Ryvenbark and his team make a desperate last stand against an onslaught of golden robots with advanced weaponry and no remorse. But to win this war, Ryvenbark will have to do the unthinkable: travel behind enemy lines and make a desperate assault on the alien home world to cripple their fleet.

The planet Titus has become unstable and is on the verge of catastrophic collapse. The only chance the colonists have is to relocate before the planet’s destruction. Logan Ryvenbark and his squad are sent to Jardoval to make sure the planet is prepared to handle an influx of new settlers. But when they arrive, they find the planet devoid of life. Now Ryvenbark and his team are in a race against time to determine what happened to the people of Jardoval before the new settlers arrive… and possibly fall to the same fate.

A mercenary’s work is never done, and Major Logan Ryverbark knows this all too well. In fact, the only thing he’s surprised about these days is that he actually has a moment to rest amid all the madness. But despite everything he has already experienced, nothing can prepare him for the mission Belen Morganthal assigns him this time. Dark matter is spreading and expanding, and is actually causing the universe to shrink. If this continues unabated, it could mean widespread destruction and the loss of life on a scale never before seen.

Armed with an Armageddon bomb, Major Ryverbark and his team are sent to investigate the apparent source of the expanding dark matter; a mysterious planet at the edge of their galaxy that has a strange pattern of orbit, and no apparent atmosphere…

Join Major Logan and his team of intergalactic mercenaries in a thrilling Sci-Fi adventure, with nail-biting suspense and action, mysteries and unexpected twists, and of course a bending of the limits of space and time in a futuristic adventure ride that pushes the boundaries of the Sci-Fi genre. Deadly Void is guaranteed to keep you utterly enthralled, from the very first word to the very last.

Captain Ryverbark has a dozen men and women in his squad; they are facing two million savage fighters, but to him, the odds are about even.

One of the last truly peaceful and genetically perfect races in the galaxy, the Aristolans, are under assault from the savage Molochs. While the Federation drags its feet to determine a course of action, Belen Morganthal recruits Captain Logan Ryvenbark and his team to do the impossible and drive back the threat before the Aristolans are destroyed. For any other team, it would be a suicide mission. But to Ryvenbark there is always hope for the pure of heart.


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