Vampire’s Shade – Box Set

Vampire’s Shade – Box Set

By Vivienne Neas
Vampire's Shade Box set

Language: English

Discounted Box Set

The Shade a Vampire has left in my family is still hunting me, making my life a restless chase.
It’s not only my job, I have a personal vendetta to carry out against vampires. They are the reason my sister is on a wheelchair and our mother gone. And I’m not a forgiving girl.

Vampires start integrating among humans, but even with laws adapting to the new society, many problems arise. I solve them. I kill problems.

In the span of less than two weeks, I manage to turn my entire world upside down.

This time I have been chosen to take care of some human turned into vampire, but that will not be as easy as it seemed. I have somehow gotten involved in a war against the ancients ones, too dangerous and powerful enemies to fight by myself. And before I could even think about it I find myself allied with a very unlikely team.

At the end of it all, they’re the ones that save me. I’ve been fooling myself for years.
It turns out I was the rescue mission all along.

I have managed to start a new life as instructor at the Martial Arts Academy in Westham.
No more black leathers, no more silver bullets but only training clothes, or so I thought…

A young woman arrives at the academy: she wants to be taught to kill vampires. And she wants me to teach her. But she doesn’t know I’m half-vampire, she doesn’t know about my past.

This would change the peaceful life I just achieved.

Ruben’s death has left a shade in Sydney Cross’ life, now her anger and frustration will lead her to try and pursuit the most dangerous enemies, but she is too young and inexperienced. I’m shocked when I find out Sydney’s plans… somehow I have to do something, I cannot just leave her alone.

I’ve always tried to stay away from police, also now that I am not a killer anymore and my life is totally legal; also now that this gorgeous-looking cop required me as a professional shooting trainer.

In the middle of the night, I find Joel and my sister at my door: our friend Carl is in jail in Fort Atkinson accused of murdering a young vampire-girl, and it’s me that he wants to help him to get out clean.

As I said, I don’t mix up with police: you don’t if you have a past like mine, but this time my cop student offers to help me in Carl’s investigation, and I desperately need his help.

I need to go there and find out what really happened, and who framed Carl and why. I’ll have to look into in my ex-colleague’s past, to find out if there is something dark in his story.

Once Adele starts investigating, she finds out this is all too messy, Carl’s adoptive parents have many things to hide, there is much more in Carl’s past than he could tell, the dead vampire-girl was somehow the key, and Adele is determined to find the truth whatever the cost, and the cost could be more that some can afford.

Two shadows in a dark alley, they look so alike they could easily be twins; I strain my senses and I smell vampire.

When I’m killing my mark, a deafening scream comes out of its mouth, so I wake up. I’ve been haunted far too long by this nightmare, and the job at the Academy isn’t helping me anymore.

There’s a vampire with a long list of goons chasing after me, looking to avenge his brother’s death.
I know this is no ordinary vampire: he’s very powerful, his face has been haunting me every
night, this time I’m scared and I feel in real danger; a have a feeling this will be my time.

So I’m out on the street again, ready to fight, and this time I’m the only one to blame.


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