The Puppets of Washington – Box set

The Puppets of Washington – Box set

By Lavina Giamusso
The puppets of Whashington box set 1

Language: English

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It starts with the shooting of Agent Talya Kartz, but where does it end? In the search for justice and truth, Talya must journey halfway across the world to find the man who pulled the trigger – a man who seems to be backed by sinister, all-powerful forces that have their fingers in every pie imaginable, from shady CIA-backed drug and arms deals to warehouses full of faulty armaments in Israel. And masterminding it all is a mysterious genius, known only as The Puppeteer.

As for Talya’s search for truth, a search in which she needs to enlist the aid of the Canadian Secret Service. There is no truth, not in the world in which she finds herself. Washington itself seems to be involved, as is Mossad, who is covering something up, or creating cover for someone. It appears that in this dark, shady realm of secret agents, double-crossing, betrayals and murders there are only layers upon layers of lies, deceptions and masks. To delve into the darkness of this world is to peel back the skin of everything you thought was real – and see the seething underbelly of the underground world that exists below ours.

In The Sadir Affair, the first volume of the thrilling The Puppets of Washington series, you’ll be thrown headlong into a riveting, blitzkrieg-paced tale of murder, betrayal, and secret government agencies dealing in all sorts of deceptions, shady deals and lies. Warning – once you crack this action-packed, riveting book open, you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve read every book in the series – and even then you’ll still be hungering for more.

The race is on – and it’s not only against time, it’s against the CIA and Mossad, both of whom are after the mysterious kingpin known only as The Puppeteer. And if Talya and Samuel don’t get to The Puppeteer before the CIA and Mossad do, it will be the end for them. Everything they own – especially their lives – is at stake here.

Although Talya and Samuel were officially cleared of charges of treason against the State of Israel, it seems that someone wants to see the verdict of “innocent” overturned – and this could have severe consequences for Talya and Samuel. Their only hope is to fight their way through the tangled web of lies, masks and cover-ups and get to The Puppeteer in time. Their peril-fraught search, and flight from sinister forces who would rather see them dead, takes them across the world, to both Australia and Europe – although this time they have allies, in the form of The Canadian Secret Service.

In The Puppeteer, the second volume in The Puppets of Washington series, the roller coaster narrative, with all of its unexpected twists and turns, will take you on a nail-biting ride through a number of countries. Get ready for the journey of your life when you enter the world of The Puppets of Washington.

Missing people, murders, mad pursuits: all the ingredients necessary for a storm of epic proportions, a storm that will whirl its insanity across international borders and become one of the most complex – and dangerous – cases that the Secret Service has ever taken on.

Talya and Samuel find themselves in the south of France, but if they thought they would find any answers there, they were dead wrong – there are only more questions, more complexities, and more mysteries. Now, to try to make sense of what is happening in the present, Talya must revisit things that she was involved in in the past. Talya recounts a job she had to take on, involving the disappearance of both Savoi and $500 000 of her employer’s money. She was sent to Mali to investigate, but every time she thought she could fit a piece of the puzzle into place, it turned out to reveal yet another mystery. And those events in the past now seem to be connected to events in the present, both of which take her deeper, ever deeper, into a dark mystery. And at the center of it all? The ruthless Puppeteer, of course.

In The Beginning, the third volume of The Puppets of Washington series, Talya’s journey takes her to exotic and perilous locations, and has her meeting dangerous and mysterious characters, who may be allies – or who may be enemies who want her dead. As soon as you read the first few lines of The Beginning, you’ll know that this is a riveting adventure that you won’t be able to put down until the very last page has been turned.

The chase is reaching its climax, and the prize is close. But with every step that Talya and Samuel take that brings them closer to solving the mysteries around Carmine, Savoi and Richard Gilman, the danger they place themselves in increases exponentially. The closer they get to uncovering the identity of The Puppeteer they get, more determined he becomes to stop them – at any cost.

New controversies have been brought to light in the world of the underground; one of The Puppeteer’s first puppets, Richard Gilman, has resurfaced, after he was thought to have been killed. The Puppeteer himself, with his drug-running network, operated in conjunction with the CIA and DEA, feels a threat to his power when someone uncovers his identity by accident. He knows that his identity must be protected, and he is willing to stop at nothing to do this. The question now is, with such a deluge of darkness and power stacked against them, can Talya and Samuel safely reach Ottawa to tell the CSIS what they have discovered?

In this, the fourth installment of The Puppets of Washington series, you’ll be taken on a careening ride of heart-stopping twists and thrilling revelations as Talya and Samuel fight their way through The Puppeteer’s web of lies and deceit. An unputdownable blend of excitement, suspense, mystery and action make The Savoi Affair an absolute must-read.


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